Decor & Designs window treatments Bradenton & Sarasota offers various products with over 1000’s of fabrics, styles, and colors to choose from. We’ll measure and install most orders absolutely free.

Blinds and verticals are typically made from vinyl or wood with rigid, rectangular panels that allow as much light into your home as you’d like. They work similarly to standard, PVC blinds but have solid frames and typically do a better job of sealing out daylight when closed all the way. Our showrooms feature a varied selection of blinds and verticals made by industry-leading brands from materials.

Cellular shades offer the most customization and control over entering light. They also provide excellent insulation due to their special, layered construction. Because of their unique design that incorporates pockets of air between layers of fabric, warm, outside air does not radiate as easily into your home as it does with many of your other window treatment options.

Valances and draperies can actually be art in your room. No other decorative enhancement to your home affords you the same level of artistic freedom to personalize your taste and style. At Décor & Designs, we have one of the largest displays of top treatments you’ll find on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Window shadings afford our customers a high level of control over the amount of light that enters their room at any one time. Most designs have 2 sheer panels with one piece of fabric in the middle. Depending on how much light you’d like to let into your room, you can adjust the width with which the panels separate from the fabric.

Window shutters can greatly enhance every home’s interior and help you achieve your ideal level of lighting and privacy in any room. Many homeowners appreciate the secure sense of enclosure afforded by shutters

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