Window Shadings

Depending on your home’s exposure and positioning with regards to the sun, you might opt for window shadings with light filtering or room darkening capabilities. The intended purpose of the room should also play a role in helping you decide how much shade will be needed on an average day.

Window shadings afford our customers a high level of control over the amount of light that enters their room at any one time. Most designs have 2 sheer panels with one piece of fabric in the middle. Depending on how much light you’d like to let into your room, you can adjust the width with which the panels separate from the fabric. When the sheer panels touch the fabric, little to no light will make it into the room but the wider they’re spread from the fabric, the more light will pass through all 3 materials.

Stop by our Venice or Bradenton showrooms or call today and speak with a member of our team about your window shading options. We’ll help you schedule a free, in-home consultation where a member of our team will show you a few designs and help you decide what looks best in your home. Achieve absolute light control with professionally installed window shadings from Décor & Designs!